Hi Guys (i think it guys only right )

My name is Naud, I live in The Netherlands. Recently my boss has bought an Ariel Atom as a corporate (fun) car.
The car was originally from Jersey and now we're (basically me) are working very hard to get it MOT approved in The Netherlands.

This is quite a hand full due to the strong regulations.
We have to make the following temporarely modifications:
4 points belts have to be changed into 3 points
The noise has to come down bij 10DB
Steeringwheel has to be changed (it's got to sharp edges and it isn't allowed to come of via the release mechanism)
Mirrors have to be changed (need more rear visability and the mirror stands have to have rounded edges)
Headlights and indicator lights need to be changed...

...and so on and so on.

Since I'me a big petrol head (my username suggests Porsche freak wich is basically true) and like getting this kind of stuff sorted (I'm currently restoring an 72 Bug) I'm the man for the job.
And I love it of course.

I love the atom and everything it stands for. And when (not if, when) we get it approved I will take her on her first trip out.

So I will be asking some questions now and then, so be kind okey.

I'm new to the Atom so stupid questions may arrise.

Anyway this is the car (picture taken from the Ariel website where we bought it off)