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Thread: So many questions before I take the plunge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocket Man View Post
    Cars here in UK start at about 22/23 for a honda powered car. If you contact Tom at the factory he will give you all the information you will need. Were in Uk are you? There are lots of information posted on doing track days on the web in the Atom and lots of Atoms on Utube
    I'm in Scotland. We have had a few Atom's up here. First one I had a good look at was Andy Gordon's. Very impressive.

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    I don't have as much track experience as some, but I can tell you from reading literally thousands of Atom related posts that the reliability of the Honda powered Atoms is excellent. You won't be disappointed. And as Bolus said, you have a relatively close factory to support you. The value of that cannot be understated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bolus View Post
    If you are going to be heavy into tracking the car, you are going to be using up more consumables of course and will need to replace rod ends and wheel bearings once in a while. Unless you will be doing heavy modifications to the engine, the Honda will be relatively bullet proof in these cars.
    Quote Originally Posted by MadMaxAtom View Post
    Anyhow..tracking a somewhat stock Atom is not too hard on the wallet once you get it set up. Consumables are tires and fuel,mainly...assuming you keep the engine output close to stock and keep the car on the track and don't hit anything..
    What they said.

    You can buy a beefed up set of rear uprights with bearings if you decide to run big rubber. It just depends on how silly you want to get. However it does seem that rod ends and wheel bearings are the achilles heel.
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