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Thread: Any word on an Atomfest for 2012?

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    I think to ask for prior commitment to see if an event will go ahead is asking for it to fall on it's face. The world is full of too many that sit on the fence until the last minute, this includes the Atom community.

    IMO TMI should treat it as a huge marketing exercise that like all advertising may or may not pay dividends. Invite US owners, overseas visitors, the SRA crowd and perspective owners. Run an Atom Experience as part of the event for those without cars.

    A case of build it and they will come.

    Just my twopence worth.
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    Randy made his AtomFest's quite an event and you felt bad for not going (no I didn't go to either one). I have to think that John is on to something here. Randy did put in a lot of work though ....

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