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Thread: Carbon fiber skin

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    Carbon fiber skin

    I thought this was worth sharing from Kepetersen on the other atom forum:

    Hi guys:

    My brother Alan builds and restores racecars (esp. GT40 FIA Continuation racers) and I asked him to help me customize my 2010 Atom 3. Low and behold he created for me some beautiful carbon fiber-clad body components that look great! He also built a fully-adjustable rear wing with CF side plates, and some really comfortable seat cushions that feature Sunbrella-type weather resistant cloth and brass grommets (like the GT40). Sunbrella is used extensively on yachts for seat cushions, sail covers, etc. and are both cool and soft to sit on and very durable. [See photos below]

    If any of you are interested he will create the same pieces for other Atom owners. Here are the details:

    Rear engine tray clad in black carbon fiber: $625
    Horizontal dash panel clad in black carbon fiber: $625
    Front nose body work (exposed areas only) clad in black carbon fiber (no photos yet): $625
    Special - All three body pieces: $1,800
    Adjustable rear wing with carbon fiber end-plates and mounting hardware: $1,150
    Black weather-resistant custom seat cushions with brass grommets (for ventilation and drainage): $300 pair

    Now for the fine print: All of the carbon fiber Atom pieces use your original body panels, which are sanded down and clad with genuine carbon fiber cloth and finished in an autoclave. The final product looks great and the CF used is indistinguishable from factory CF pieces - so they match up perfectly. This process also ensures an accurate fit for your car and eliminates any licensing issues with the factory. Prices are exclusive of shipping. Florida owners subject to sales tax. Owner must ship the body panels to Alan after which you can then expect a production turn-around of 21-days. If you have any questions or would like to order something, send an email to Alan at Pathfinder Motorsports LLC:

    So with that, here are some photos:
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    Re: Carbon fiber skin

    it looks good but I'd still want the pieces made completely from CF.
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    Re: Carbon fiber skin

    I don't like the way it looks, nor the process used to apply it.

    I mean either use the cheaper stuff and stick it on...or get real carbon fiber.

    just my measly 2 pesos.

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    Re: Carbon fiber skin

    Where are the pics/ They seemed to have outsmarted me

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