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Thread: New User thinking about purchasing an atom

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    Talking New User thinking about purchasing an atom

    Hey guys, Just joined up. I live in South Carolina, US and am thinking about purchasing an Ariel Atom. I originally thought about buying a T-Rex, as I am an avid motorcycle rider, but instantly fell in love with the Atom. I am still getting a grip on all the different models and options. I am pretty sure I am going to buy a used one. I like the Atom 3 with the supercharged Honda motor. I am still trying to figure out if I am going to be able to register it for use in SC. I am hoping so, as I know this is a great track car, but I would really like to drive it on the street as well. Any advice you guys can give me on where to look to buy one, or tips and hints, please do... ThanksJustin

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    Having both a Trex (with a turbo hayabusa conversion) and a aa2 300 (with harrop,aftercooler, etc), the Atom is infinately a better vehicle at doing everything but very small circular doughnuts! It is much faster, more stable, better handling, more forgiving.


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    Hi Justin, we are just down the road from you and may be able to help you reach the right decision for you. If you are interested in driving at tracks I highly recommend you drive our cars at a track, for example Atlanta Motorsports Park or Barber Motorsports Park. The cars feel very different from each other and most folks love some and hate others. For road use it's not that important as you're not pushing as hard. The Atom is a fantastic car, but if you are thinking track we believe you should drive a Radical before making your final decision. We may also be able to source a car off shore for you if you can't find one locally:
    Not sure about how the Radical or Atom will make it through the registration process in SC however.

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