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Thread: spec race exhaust

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    spec race exhaust

    Hello Guys i have installed the Spec Race Exhaust in my Ariel atom 300 and I loved the sound its not what i thought it would be , it is very quite in low revs and normal driving similiar to original road spec exhaust , but when the engine gets to 6000 rpm the sound is incredible it would sound 60 percent louder than road spec in high revs i really love the sound; The mix sound of the charger and k20a is amazing,
    what do you think guys ?

    la foto.JPG

    and sound test.

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    I think it looks good. Lightweight, quiet until you step on it. I'd keep it.

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    I think it looks great. I like the sound but doesn't sound very subtle. Not sure how practical it would be for street use but I could live with it

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