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Thread: Anyone near Irvine with an AA3? Help needed.

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    Anyone near Irvine with an AA3? Help needed.

    Hey guys-

    I'm trying to get a set of high functioning wings on my AA3. Talking to some very fast racers, Ciro Design has come up a few times as one of the best in the business. I've been talking to the owner and we have a plan for a really clean mount. Here's some prelim details:

    - Bolt on, no mods needed to the car.
    - Would use 4 clamps for easy install.
    - Fit the stock exhaust system.
    - Can retain the rear deck.
    - Lightweight.
    - Easily shippable.
    - Wing element easy to remove if needed.
    - Adjustable AOA.
    - Possibly black powder-coated alum mounting parts.
    - Should generate the highest DF of all Atom wings - with low relative drag, due to the efficient wing design, and other features.
    - Complete bolt-on system cost would be $1,250 - 1,350 range.

    The wing will be very clean (brand new airfoil, super low drag). We are debating a height adjustable mount so you could have a lower mount for the street and a higher mount on the track to get the center of the wing in clean air.

    The wing will be 71" wide, the exact width of the Atom, which will give you a lot more wing area in clean air versus any of the other wing solutions I've seen (or could be cut down if you don't want it that wide). (Design F)

    Anyway, I've been working with the designer with measurements etc, but it'd be a lot better if he could get measurements off the car himself and do some test fitting. Anyone in the LA area that would be willing/able to run their Atom down to Irvine for some design work? I'd be willing to at least cover your gas and beer needs for your time.

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