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Thread: Buying another car (classic Porsche this time)

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    Buying another car (classic Porsche this time)

    A couple of weeks ago during one of my tech days, I was approached by a friend who offered to sell me his classic 1966 Porsche 912...for only $1500!

    Well, I went to take a look at (inspect) the Porsche this Saturday and have decided to buy it. Say hello to the newest member of my car collection:

    Sitting in the garage, all ignored and stuff:

    Out of the garage, still dusty:

    After a rinse:


    I'm not a Porsche expert (disclaimer), but I gave the car a lookover and I couldn't find any rust and everything looked to be in really good shape. There are minor issues, which are to be expected...but it looks like this car is going to be a winner. Currently making arrangments to get the car up from San Diego and into my garage now.

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    Good handling cars..but slug slow for any real fun. Basically a 911 with two less cylinders. I'd buy that all day for $1500!!
    I believe the '66 had some sort of central fuel injection (CFI)that was not popular. Regardless,it looks to be in excellent shape and well worth what you paid. Don't sink too much into it..(easy to do)..sell it... a Money maker...

    Looks like his "man cave" caved in...
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    Man.. that stuff just seems to come to you.. or Grizzly Adams types hunt you down.. either way looks good.

    $5 says Grizzly Adam's garage hole filled in with $1,500 worth of stuff in two weeks..
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    This one is a dual carburated car, so no pesky FI problems...oh, and he wanted to sell it to me so he can buy another pinball machine.

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    Well, I bought it!

    The car just arrived here last night. Here are a few pics I took immediately after rolling it into the garage...I'll take and post up some more pics later under better lighting conditions.

    More info on this car can be found on my blog,

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