Spring has sprung, and (like many others here), I'm getting the itch to plan some Atom outings. If you want to plan a get-together for Atoms in your area, please consider using the local forums to communicate events among local owners. Non-local discussions are still best-suited for the general forums, since you'll benefit from the involvement of all members around the world.

To get things started, any of you are invited to start a "roll call" thread in your local area's forum. Might I recommend that you subscribe to your local forum, so you get updated when new threads or posts are made in that forum. To subscribe to any forum, open that forum, select "Forum Tools," and then choose "Subscribe to This Forum." You can choose whether to get updates only when you visit the site, or via email (daily or weekly). In fact, subscribing to this Announcement Forum might not be a bad idea, either.

Looking forward to meeting up with as many of you during this driving season as possible!