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Thread: Oops.. crash. NOT AGAIN!!!

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    Oops.. crash. NOT AGAIN!!!

    For the second time I've been the victim of not being seen by a driver of a large vehicle due to how low the Atom is.

    First time it was the driver of a Dodge pickup (high LH drive vehicle) who pulled out from the kerb into what he thought was an empty right hand lane. For our roads it would not have happened had he been in a RH drive vehicle but from the LH side of the vehicle he could not see the Atom. Unable to move, I sat there terrified as a huge vehicle tried to climb into the passenger seat. Luckily the only damage was to the front mudguard and a side turn signal indicator.

    Then on the weekend I was almost backed over by a campervan while I was pulling into a gas station. This time the rear mudguard and supporting bracket were damaged. My nerves have recovered and the mudguard is away being repaired.

    This highlights the need to be forever vigilant of other vehicles, especially larger taller ones, that may not see you. We are (or should be) always very aware of other traffic while we are on the go. But this needs to be extended to vehicles that may move while we are stationary.
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    glad you are okay but that sucks

    My other car has a similar problem, I had to upgrade the horn and some have used air horns.
    I also had to put very bright Hella LEDayline DRLs on.

    But still have to be care ful

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