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Thread: Hello from New Jersey USA! First post with questions....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyberbug View Post
    Please share the lawyer info with me too.
    Theodore H. Ritter, Esq.
    The Ritter Law Office
    55 Fayette Street
    P.O. Box 320
    Bridgeton, New Jersey 08302
    Phone: (856) 451-3030
    Fax: (856) 453-0911

    Why can't we register it under the kit car rule?
    You might be able to. I had a specific type of issue, where my Atom was built as a complete vehicle by Brammo with a UK VIN. After the first 16 or so cars, Brammo switched to PINs. TMI uses a 7-digit serial number that doesn't look anything like a VIN/PIN. Both Brammo and TMI offer a rolling chassis option as well as a turnkey vehicle.

    A few months after I gave up, somebody else bought a used Atom from out-of-state, showed up at a MVC office with a title and a check, and walked out with plates. Weird. It probably slipped by because the particular woman in Trenton with the bee in her bonnet was only looking for AA05... VINs and his was an A2RT... one.

    I have schedule time with TMI and will be visiting them in a few weeks, they should do something about this
    The issue (as I understand it) is that they aren't a "motor vehicle manufacturer or importer". They're building specialty cars for track use, which can be registered in some states. Unlike the UK, where there's a single authority and set of rules, here we have 51 different and often incompatible rules.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyberbug View Post
    I posted on the official forum and no responses. Lots more activity here.
    The only reason AAChat even exists is due to the fact that when I got my Atom a couple years ago, I also posted on the UK factory-sponsored forum, looking for camaraderie and new owner advice. I was so disappointed with the tepid "welcome" that I went looking for another forum, assuming there MUST be one, given the unique nature of these cars and their passionate owners. Not finding any, I launched one myself. I don't have any other negative feelings toward the other forum, other than that initial disappointment which was the genesis of AAChat.

    There are others here with more battle scars from that forum (since they spent way more time there than I), but my goal has never been to wipe the other forum out, or even cause them any grief. As a factory forum, there are things that they apparently can't and/or won't discuss - while nothing here is off-limits.

    I don't want an "East Coast/West Coast Rap War," and I'm further disappointed by the fact that they call this the "US Forum," especially since I'm an Aussie and my vision for this forum (stated in the header of every page) is that of a true "Worldwide Atom Community." Their admins have taken a few swipes at us, and even sent me a few private nasty-grams via email, but I still wish them no ill. I like to keep AAChat a fun, open, casual, self-managed community of international friends, while I take the role of a quiet and benevolent dictator. Thankfully, I haven't had to boot anybody off, and I hope I never do. But if anyone threatens the friendly nature here, or posts anything as aggressive, insulting, or condescending as I've seen allowed (encouraged?) on the other forum, I have no qualms blowing the cobwebs off the ban button.

    So relax and enjoy the increased activity here you've noticed. Apparently more flies land here with honey, as opposed to the vinegar of the UK's fish and chips.
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    Tepid welcome..Ha! Oh the memories..mostly bad.Most condescending attitudes I have ever encountered.

    Thanks Steve for this great portal of Atomic energy..
    The power of an Atom is a terrible thing to waste! Atom owner/operator since 2007. The more you chase perfection,the faster it becomes. John Force for President! (I asked him once in person...he laughed)

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadMaxAtom View Post
    Thanks Steve for this great portal of Atomic energy..
    I only host the portal - the energy is all from you guys.

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    What!!! There's another forum?? ROFLMAO
    01100001 01110100 01101111 01101101 00110001

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