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Thread: 2012 Atoms and Eve

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    2012 Atoms and Eve

    Photos of girls, ladies, women, females, chicks, broads, dames, etc. Oh, and an Atom has to be in the picture, too. Please keep all images no worse than "PG" rated. Bikinis are OK, nudity is not. When in doubt, ask yourself "What Would Whitesnake Do?"

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    PG (Parental guidance recommended) Contains material that young children may find confusing or upsetting, and may require parental supervision.

    But then if you paint over the naked boobies it becomes upsetting to adult heterosexual males. LOL. You can't win.
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    Stephanie works at the entrance gate at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit. Her Aunt is Sami, the race director who some of you know from AtomFest. This photo was taken at Homecoming where Stephanie was a member of the Queen's Court. Driving her around the football field under the lights was a trip!

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