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Thread: 2012 Photo Competition Categories

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    2012 Photo Competition Categories

    Following are the categories for the 2012 Ariel Atom Chat Photo Competition!

    Atoms On Track
    Photos of Ariel Atoms being driven in anger, or just hanging around in their natural racetrack habitat.

    Artsy Atoms
    Non-edited photos of Ariel Atoms, taken in an artistic style. Filters, lenses, and all photographic tricks are welcome, as long as no post-processing is applied to the images.

    Atoms and their Owners
    Photos of owners and/or owners' family members with the family Ariel Atom.

    Atoms and Eve
    Photos of girls, ladies, women, females, chicks, broads, dames, etc. Oh, and an Atom has to be in the picture, too. Please keep all images no worse than "PG" rated. Bikinis are OK, nudity is not. When in doubt, ask yourself "What Would Whitesnake Do?"

    Digitally Enhanced Atoms
    Let your PhotoShop skillz be known! This is the only category in which modified, edited, or otherwise enhanced photos are allowed.

    Atoms in the Wild
    This is the general/miscellaneous category, where you could include any type of photo of an Atom that doesn't fit in the other categories.

    Deadline for all entries is midnight PST on November 30, 2012.
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