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Thread: Track day MSR Houston

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    Track day MSR Houston

    Two weekends ago a company out of Houston (ZT Wealth) rented MSR Houston and invited a number of us to drive the track. We had 100 cars--everything from Ford GT's to Mercedes s-classes to Lexus ISF's, GT3RS, Exiges, R8's Gallardos and everything inbetween. I had the pleasure of putting 186 miles in the Atom and giving 16 people rides in the passenger seat. One of the passengers took some video with his phone and it turned out reasonably well. The car performed flawlessly while my 2 Radical SR3's were being wrenched on most of the day by my Crew. Not to mention, when on track I was able to overtake every other car out there. Anyway, I look forward to many more trips with the car.

    Thanks ZT Wealth for such a great event and thank you to Ariel for putting together such a fun car!

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    Thanks for sharing, keep 'em coming.
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