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Thread: Ariel China gone rogue?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bolus View Post
    I think the best explanation is someone bought an Atom or frame in china and modified it for the double hoops and shocks and then (I wasnt sure but heard about it perhaps being electric) did the conversion. So this is wrightspeed a la China

    I think having the website on the side makes you wonder if the factory did it themselves and caused the confusion.

    I sure like the side pods. I think they look better than the v8. Not so much on the skinny tires, outboard shocks and loss of the rear hoop cowl though

    I'd love to hear more about the electric conversion though.
    Well, we now know the truth about these pics. These ARE in fact electric "Atoms". They are being made by the fine folks who are building the exoskeleton sports car kits being offered by Altra.

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    i feel sorry for ariel uk and usa.. really puts a lot of strain on them.. hurts the bottom line of things trying to correct china screwing things up. the ariel 3.5 caused confusion and is real, imagine how much confusion will be made with chinese ariels' about.

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