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Thread: Christmas 2011 Forum Upgrades

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    Christmas 2011 Forum Upgrades

    Merry Christmas Eve to all members of the AAChat Family!
    1. I upgraded to a newer version of VBulletin this week, so we're now running 4.19. It seems to be a bit quicker and very stable.
    2. The upgrade didn't fix that pesky problem with the WYSIWYG editor buttons, so I tinkered around for a few hours yesterday and today, and it looks like I've got it fixed. Please let me know if you are still having any problems on any browsers (please clear your cache first).
    3. Upgraded to a never mobile template using JQuery Mobile, which is my mobile technology of choice (and what we use to run the mobile site over at You can view the mobile interface on any mobile device with a browser, and there's a link at the bottom to display the full site if you prefer.
    4. Finally, I've also been working on overall site speed (we ARE Atom owners, after all - speed is our thing). I've been tweaking settings with our cache accelerator (CloudFlare), and complaining to our hosting provider about abusive accounts on the system to get them kicked off. I'm now measuring faster load times across the site and am wondering if the rest of you are seeing it, too.

    Enjoy, and please provide feedback if you notice any issues! Thanks!
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    The edit buttons are back for me. Mozilla 8.0.1 Speed is back too, thanks

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