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Thread: registration help by state

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    Quote Originally Posted by bolus View Post
    What's the federal law for kit cars then? I havent come across one yet. As far as I know they are determined by the state. There are several kit cars that can be purchased as a roller. Just add engine.

    Why would Oregon have the Race activity vehicle law then if it was illegal by the feds?
    Oregon DMV Racing Activity Vehicles

    This was written specifically for the Atom. Several of us helped. Its a dumb law but you can buy a fully built Atom and register it in Oregon under this law. You dont even have to pass emission testing.

    Not trying to be argumentative, but your posts are suggesting we all have illegal cars when they are not. Yes, we need to be careful and not try to bring a lot of attention to this process because they dont fit into the category of cobra kit car or something you bought at a dealer.
    please read the actual info in your law and you'll see instantly why i've said what i said.

    specifically if you're outside 90 mile radius from your home. or 30 miles outside a repair place...

    i'm sure many use this law to drive their cars places besides directly to/fro a race track and in that case... yep.. (loophole).
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    here is the file for what needs to be passed for Hawaii's safety check/recon laws.

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    Hey guys... how does it work in the USA? I'm from Germany living in the US and I don't know about all the rules. My question: If I buy a used Atom with VIN and registration ... maybe from Texas, Arizona ... and I'm in Florida, is this easy to get a Florida registration? I heard its getting very hard to get a new registration in FL. What about a used one?

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    I don't know how the registration works in Florida. You're best bet is if you find someone with a Florida registered Atom and them discuss via PM.

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    Florida used to be the easiest state for registration...until someone made a big stink and screwed it up for others......hmm who could that be, OH the person who's banned lol.

    He may not have screwed it up for everyone but you will want to do as the rest do, like Jlester said find someone who's registered in florida, OR, contact your local DMV / registration office and see what story they give you, don't give a lot of details up front, let them give you some info and go from there.

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