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Thread: Furture Atom Owner in Boulder, CO

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    Furture Atom Owner in Boulder, CO

    Hey Folks,

    I've been hungering for an Atom for years now, but haven't had the budget/garage space till now... I'm working up a plan.

    Please bear with me on the "stupid questions" as I get my feet wet.


    - Charlie C

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    HP2's are cool! I bought a 2005 GS and they came out with them months later. That GS was the best bike I have had, it could do anything.

    Oh, welcome!

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    welcome, what's the plan?

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    Welcome!We have a LOT of fun with these cars, and almost everyone that has one is wildly enthusiatic about them!If you have any questions, or want to see some video- (there are some on my website), I will be glad to help. As a dealer, I have three cars on order and already in the build lineup. Only one of them is spoken for at this point. One of the available Atoms is a minimum price car with 300 HP and brake upgrade, and the other Atom also is 300 hp with the brake upgrade. plus almost all the options.Eddie
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    Quote Originally Posted by bolus View Post
    welcome, what's the plan?
    Ditto. What Spec? You'll have a few tracks to choose from and lots of roads in the mountains to play on.

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