that sucks, At least you know it can be re-registered under the race activity code and you wont need to worry about DEQ in two years. still a pain in the ass for no reason. Personally, I'd write back that it is a Atom replica kit car and see how they go about proving that it isnt

2 years ago when I was up for renewal I tried to change my registration from assembled to race activity vehicle so I would be using the appropriate code for the Atom. They refused to do it and made it as hard and frustrating as possible. I remember the DMV guy telling me in the most antagonizing way as possible "why do you want to do that? so you can race on the street with your race car?" ITS YOUR OWN F-IN LAW YOU JACKASS!

It's like they have just enough insight to know how much of a retarded looser they are working at the DMV so they will make everyone's like miserable to compensate.