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    need help getting my atom registrated in oregon. was a couple of years ago. just bought it, owner let it slide. had it with plates, received letter saying it no longer would meet fed regs. any ideas??

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    Welcome. I emailed you earlier today about this so feel free to let me know if you want to chat about it over the phone.

    Was it registered as "assembled vehicle" or "Race activity vehicle" previously? The assembled vehicle should say "ASMBL" on the registration.

    If it was registered this way. there should not be a problem registering it again. It falls under kit car rules and people do sell and register other kit cars here.

    If it was registered under the "race activity vehicle code" that was a special law made for just Atom's in oregon when they used to be made here. It is under the special vehicle code rules. I dont see why it should be a problem re-registering it under this rule unless it was registered a different way first.

    If it was previously registered as a regular car, then you will probably need to try and re-register it under the race activity vehicle code and try and talk the DMV into accepting that it was registered wrong before.

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