The AA3 300s have both a mechanical and electric water pump in series. The EWP runs after the motor turns off, and cools the motor/blower evenly after shutdown.

I bought my AA3 roller with an EWP, as I plan to do a lot of autoXing, and wanted to be running coolant through the motor in the staging lanes.

Here's the EWP on the AA3:

So I think with that pump, there is no reason to run a mechanical WP, and I can pick up 8 free HP, and lose at least 10lbs (maybe up to 20 lbs) with this kit:

Any reason to NOT ditch the mechanical WP? I'm running warning LEDs off my SPA Oil temp gauge, so I'll get a warning light and back off her if I ever get hot because I burn out the EWP; but with a 3000 hour service window, I'm not worried about it.

Thoughts? Then all I have to run is a lightweight alternator, and I'm in good shape.