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Thread: Replacement Dash, Instruments and Steering Wheel

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    Replacement Dash, Instruments and Steering Wheel

    I was never all that happy with the SPA dash panel inasmuch as it only offered idiot lights and/or difficult-to-see instrument readings for critical engine conditions. On the track, the dash is particularly lacking. Here's the original SPA dash and SPA wheel, shot from a low angle. If you're six-feet or more, you can't see the top half of the tach or speedo - a problem many others have noted.

    Once again, I asked my brother Alan's shop to design a new CF dash to include racing-quality gauges, all the while maintaining the look-feel of the original. Here's what he came up with:

    As you can see, we now have separate and easy-to-read oil pressure, oil temp, and water temp gauges offset to the right (already installed in the top photo); a vivid F430-like tach with built-in shift lights; and a speedo that runs on GPS (no more tire/wheel speed inaccuracies) that includes a variety of very cool programmable functions like 0-60 timing, digital speed readout, etc. There are also very large indicator lights, including oil pressure warning, etc. Forward of the shifter is the new programable fuel gauge in a custom housing.

    To the left of the center dash console is a small CF dash that has the transponder and other switches. And the MOMO formula wheel is great! It has surprisingly wonderful feel and control, while offering much improved visibility of the dash. Alan relocated the horn button onto the wheel (a safety must-have in my book), as well as a radio PTT switch. Because of the D-shape, it's also much easier to get into and out of the car without removing the wheel. Granted, the replacement wheel would have improved the legibility of the SPA dash, I nevertheless like the larger easier-to-read replacement gauges.

    An F1-style progressive multi-color shift light will soon be mounted onto the wheel, the photos of which I will post later.
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    That's is a whole lot better than the SPA

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    That looks great. I dont think I have the ambition to rewire harness to get something like that to work.

    Though I would love to replace my aluminum accessory dash with a CF one

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    AWESOME! He have any interest in making another one?

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    Yeah, very nice. I'd like to get a quote on one as well. Cheers, Mike

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