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Thread: How to put a K24 (2.4L Honda) in an Atom

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    How to put a K24 (2.4L Honda) in an Atom

    Here's to help out the community:

    There are only 3 things that need to be changed in the Atom if you step up to a 2.4L motor:

    1) the driver motor mount
    2) the length of the test pipe
    3) the tune

    This is because the K24 deck height is 3/4" taller than the K20s.

    The K24 block is found in a few applications- TSX, Accord, CR-V, etc. It makes significantly more power and torque than the 2.0L K20 blocks. It is completely interchangable with every K20A part.

    You can remove your head, accessories, oil pan/pump, clutch, etc and bolt them onto a K24. The ECU and sensors will almost universally work. The only sensor I think that is different is the crank position sensor.

    I went with a built K24 from ERL. They have a great name in the LSx world, and built me a really beautiful motor:

    To convert the motor mount is easy:

    Mount the motor in the car on the 2 tranny mounts.

    Cut off the old plate on the motor mount:

    Bolt a new plate up to the motor (5x5x1/4" steel):

    Make certain the motor is level (there is a little slop with just the tranny mounts):

    Tack the plate to the pipe:


    Remove the plate, weld it, and then reinstall:

    A few notes:
    1) In the process of cutting off the mount, you lose a bit of material on the pipe, so you have to washer shim between the motor and the plate to maintain the correct geometry
    2) This isn't done yet, I'll grind the excess off the plate soon
    3) Sorry to not have better pictures, we were in a tearing hurry to finish

    I'll post the exhaust modifications next time I get some time in.

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    Looks awesome.
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    Thanks for sharing that with us Jason! It looks great. I'm really looking forward to hearing about the power your car makes.
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