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Thread: Dash mount shift light option?

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    Quote Originally Posted by silver View Post
    FYI the previous research I did on the pin outs was incorrect, there is 1 12 volt wire, the other 3 are grounds (not positive) On my 3 color LED's they share a common Hot wire, and then each color is individually grounded which exactly matches how the dash is set up to operate.
    I was going to say "You could have saved yourself some time by looking at the manual in the Documentation Library", but I just checked and neither of the two versions of the dash manual posted there had the shift light pinout. So I uploaded a third version of the manual that does have the info:

    Attachment 285

    By the way, this "switching the ground" is extremely common - far more than "switching the power". As an example, the Check Engine LED works this way, too. This is called an "open collector" driver.

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    I also didn't realize until today that the stage 1 2 and 3, are not "on" one at a time, as the rev's climb it's stage 1 on, then stage 1 AND 2 on then stage 1 2 AND 3 on.

    so for my LED's it was not lighting up Green Blue Red it was lighting up Green, Aqua, white

    On top of that I had them wired differently than I planned so it was Blue Aqua White as seen in this video, and my android phone takes horrible color so it doesn't represent well.

    so I decided what would be better, is if I run the wiring Green stage 1, Green plus Red stage 2 (which makes Yellow) RGB stage 3 stays white...Looks good to me.

    I'll probably mount 4 under the bubble, and 2 up where bolus mounted his,

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