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Thread: Let's talk limited slip differentials

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    Let's talk limited slip differentials

    I'm considering upgrading from the stock Torsen type differential that comes from the factory. It has survived 275 wheel torque for nearly 10 racing hours which is quite spectacular and does put the power down decently well. I'm going to raise the boost pressure and expect to see 325 to 375 wtq from 5000 rpm to 8000 rpm. Considering that is more than twice the factory torque amount I'm considering an upgrade and hopefully get better power delivery while I'm at it. Worst of all the factory diff breaks down on my tuner's dyno, I want to avoid the embarrassment.

    I noticed the 3.5R and V8 Atoms state having an adjustable differential. To me this suggests it is a clutch type differential. Is it safe to say it's an OS Giken? Has anyone upgraded from the factory diff or have any experience with anything other than the factory Torsen on the Atom to share?

    Would be lovely to have more torque capacity, less understeer on power, and more stability under braking.
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