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Thread: FS: 2016 Ariel Nomad Tactical - CA Street Legal

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    Cool FS: 2016 Ariel Nomad Tactical - CA Street Legal

    Up for sale is my Ariel Nomad Tactical Edition. It is fully legalized for California, plated and smog exempt. 2021 registration just paid. It only has 6,500~ miles, and is in excellent condition. Having owned both an Atom and a Nomad, I would highly recommend the Nomad experience to any Atom owner / enthusiast. The driving dynamics are incredibly fun, and the car is much more comfortable and usable on the street. I almost never drove my Atom on the street, as even with Ohlins TTX coilovers, it was too stiff for my local back roads. However, the Nomad is an absolute blast, and soaks up the mountain road bumps like a stadium truck.

    This specific Nomad was the first Nomad sold to the general public by Ariel North America. It was driven by Top Gear USA host Jethro Bovingdon for a YouTube video by DRIVETRIBE titled "Supercars of the sand: Ford F-150 Raptor vs Ariel Nomad" ( You will have to forgive the setup of the car in the video, as the dampers were never adjusted for the terrain.

    Options Include:
    - Paint to sample chassis
    - Paint to sample bonnet
    - Paint to sample wheels
    - Remote brake bias adjuster
    - Lexan side panels
    - Front sump guard
    - Canvas Bimini top
    - 12v cigarette lighter power source

    I've added custom side wind deflectors, a cup holder, a cell phone mount, and a weatherproof storage bag in the cockpit.

    A Nomad like this would cost over $98,000 + tax to purchase new. Skip the build time, the hassle and difficulty to legalize the car in California, and save on the sticker price! Just in time for new summer adventures.

    Price: $80,000
    Location: SF Bay Area, California

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    This would match great with my orange Atom.

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