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Thread: Dead Pedal

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    Dead Pedal

    Hello forum members,

    I've recently picked up a (new to me) US Ariel Atom 3, and am in search of a dead pedal solution for the driver side. Does anyone know of solutions I can order online and have shipped to me?

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    I am far from an expert, so take this with a grain of salt. Seeing as how you have an atom 3, you SHOULD be able to call TMI (assuming they are open during this lovely virus nonsense going on globally) and ask them for one. It won't be cheap probably, but that would be my starting point. Looking at the one on mine (a 3s) it is just a little bar bolted right on. See what they say- maybe you get lucky?

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    There is virtually no aftermarket support for the Atom. With few exceptions we are beholden to TMI for off the shelf parts. But something as simple as a dead pedal would be easy enough to fabricate on your own or by local shop. You can probably find a picture of it online (or ask nicely for someone to post here).

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