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Thread: K24 SRA Hondata Flashpro tuning results

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    K24 SRA Hondata Flashpro tuning results

    Just got the results back from having my bone-stock K24Z7 SRA tuned using the Hondata Flashpro. Wanted to share the results for the benefit of the broader Atom community, especially if you are running the NA K24.

    Cliff's notes version: save your money because the stock tune is pretty darn good as is.

    Longer version from the engineer who tuned it (the references to the modified airbox are a bit misleading, it's the factory setup from TMI as is everything else on the car, it is completely bone-stock):

    This particular car already had a modified airbox, with an aluminum adapter in the trimmed airbox, and a molded silicone elbow to the throttle.
    The ID of the aluminum adapter is 58mm, which is smaller than the throttle body, however, the adapter has a radiused transition and the molded elbow has a taper to it.
    I did a back to back pull with and without the adapter installed, and saw a negligible HP increase (1-2 peak to peak). The restrictive size of the adapter is offset by the smooth transition from airbox to throttle. It wouldn’t be worth the effort to upgrade the airbox further without some additional accompanying mods.

    Most tuning was done with our shop wideband installed in the tailpipe. I compared the Honda O2 sensor to our wideband, and found that the Honda isn’t a true wideband, and is inaccurate for power tuning (loses accuracy moving away from AFR 14.7, very inaccurate AFR < 13). After the bulk of the tuning was complete, I installed our wideband in the header bung, to verify our ‘sniffer’ setup wasn’t skewing the readings.

    Unfortunately, the stock O2 was frozen in the header, and was destroyed when removing it. I was able to chase the threads in the header and install a new Denso sensor (with anti-seize!)

    This car already had some sort of tune in it, I don’t know if it was the stock Atom tune, or had previously been tuned. Stock Civics typically make about 170 whp. This car, with the airbox mod, made 196 whp. The Hondata is pretty crude compared to other tuning platforms, and will not save the original map from the car. You are stuck with their basemap. Interestingly, the Hondata basemap exactly overlaid the tune that was in the car from ~4000 rpm to redline.

    Tuning strategy:
    I built a speed density (MAP based) tune starting from the supplied Hondata basemap. All the fuel tables were tuned with the wideband, to smooth out the AFR under full load. This is where the high RPM horsepower gains came from. The base tune was overly rich here. The tuned fuel map runs were overlaid to establish the best VTC curve. I tested ignition timing, but found there were negligible gains here, not worth pushing considering the car is running 93 pump fuel.

    A street car could have probably been dialed in slightly leaner and picked up another 2-3 HP, but with the extended load seen on a track car, I was comfortable leaving the AFR on the rich side of best power.

    Finally, I moved the VTEC point down from the stock 5000 rpm to 4100 rpm. This gave up a couple HP from 4-5000 rpm, but moved the inevitable VTEC dip below where the car operates on track. The dip is exacerbated on the new tune, as I have the VTC set to anticipate the VTEC switch just before the 4100 rpm switchover. By moving the VTEC point and trimming out the AFR, the car picked up 7 HP @ 5000 rpm, and carried an average of 6 extra HP to the 7600 RPM redline.

    So, a valiant effort, but one I wish I could rewind the clock on from a bang for the buck perspective. Live and learn.

    Thinking of doing a K20Z3 head swap along with cams/valvetrain upgrade in the future, but for the time being i'm going to lick my wounds and concentrate on having fun with the car as is.
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    As long as you don't mind the richer tune the gains should be noticeable in a car this light. My tune for the HPD engine has a higher AFR throughout and about 13.3 from 6,800 rpm to 8,000 rpm redline. Though I should say mine, though still at 11:1 compression, is tuned with 100 octane.

    The detailed notes from the tuner are clutch. This part suggests TMI uses the base tune for the most part: "Interestingly, the Hondata basemap exactly overlaid the tune that was in the car from ~4000 rpm to redline."

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