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    Koni rebuild

    I had an interesting/expensive month of July. I attended a local autocross and was giving rides when one of the passenger I took out was quite a bit on the large side. Part of the course had a dip; when we hit the dip, I heard a scrape and cringed. When I got back, I found a scrape on the lower part of the rear horizontal frame. I took Captain Proton home and didn't drive for a couple week. Just before the drive, I got touch-up paint to fix the scrape and saw oil on the ground below the transaxle endplate. Great, I cracked the trans case when I hit that dip but after searching, there was no crack anywhere. However in my search I found the rear drivers side shock shaft was wet with oil. There's the culprit. I called Koni who referred me to 3 of their authorized rebuilders. I selected TrueChoice (based on price and turnaround time). You can't just have one shock rebuilt so I pulled them all off and sent them out. Unfortunately for me, I did it when we were hit with the earthquakes but the lift didn't fail.

    During the time the shocks were out for rebuild, I did a bit of research and found Captain Proton was spec'ed with the street spring set; 171 inlb Front and 243 inlb Rear. I also found that the shocks, Koni 3012's had a B-16 valving which is valving set for 100 to 400 inlb springs. So, I elected to up the rates a bit; I took the OE rear springs and moved them to the front the ordered new rears 340 inlb. I got the shocks and made up this video of assessment and reassembling of the shocks. The shocks are in and working well. If you have the 3012's, keep them unless you're going Ohlins. The 3012's are actually a pretty robust shock and can handle alot of punishment. I still need to adjust ride height a bit more but I'll do that when I get a set of corner scales I can use with my alignment stands to get the rest of the suspension dialed in.

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