Jacking there is fine. I do it all the time on my SRA. There isn't much weight on the front of the car so don't worry that you're jacking by only one frame tube and it's not on the centerline of the car.

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OK peeps. Jacking the rear of the Atom is a breeze. Jacking the front, even with directions from TMI, is a bit more interesting. I came up with what I believe is a viable method using the tools at my disposal, but before proceeding any further I figured I'd post about it here and see if anyone is aghast at my method or if it seems kosher. The biggest issues are clearing bodywork and the front splitter.

To start, I angled the jack like so:

Attachment 3282

This lets me move the jack handle without hitting anything.

Next I positioned the lifting point to the middle of the chassis bar running between the A-Arms. Like so:

Attachment 3283

Finally, I had to stack things onto the head of the jack lifting point so that makes contact before the arm pushes into the bodywork. I used a circular lead weight that fits perfectly on the head of the jack, and then put a hard rubber jacking puck thingy on top of that. That essentially has the jack head touching the chassis before I even start pumping, so the car goes up immediately, thus preventing the jack arm from crushing bodywork. See here:
Attachment 3284

How did I do? I only lifted it about an inch as a test just in case. Everything seemed fine. I don't NEED to lift it yet, as my brake pads are still in the mail so I have time to experiment with other methods if necessary.