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Thread: Atom 4 now released in the US

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    Quote Originally Posted by McFred View Post
    In my case there's still a >$15,000 difference in what my original Atom cost plus 13 years' worth of inflation compared to a base model Atom 4.
    Like I said, Brammo was GIVING the cars away at or below cost. I recall wondering how long they were going to be able to keep building Atoms with such low pricing. Brammo had a lot of development and tooling costs to recoup over a small run of cars. It's not fair to say an Atom 4 is over-priced based on what Brammo was charging for Atom 2's. Atom 2 pricing wasn't realistic.

    If you add the $15,000 profit that Brammo didn't factor in and charge you for, Atom 4 pricing isn't at all out of line. It reflects the price point necessary to turn a profit and stay in business.

    As I recall, there was a price hike from Atom 2 to Atom 3, as TMI pricing factored in a bit of profit. This higher price helped to raise values of used Atom 2's, explaining how Atom 2's "held their value" so well.

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    Yep, Brammo drummed up a lot of interest when they were offering the base model A2 at $33k and probably could have recouped tooling costs if they had maintained a high production rate, but the economy tanked right about when it came to the N. American Market.

    Either way, at $74k starting, there are a LOT of far more comfortable and pretty capable toys at that price point. Only a few old farts have that kind of frivolous petty cash laying around and they want comfort more than performance to take to the local coffee shop to yak on about their toys that sit there lookin' pretty... I work for my money, and haven't the scratch for an A4 itch seeing as how my A2 continues to cut the mustard.

    I'm happy TMI continues their Atom production, but they've priced me out of any upgrade in the Ariel marque.

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