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Thread: Wisconsin Title / Plates

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    Wisconsin Title / Plates

    Hi, Iím a new member (first post). I bought my 2016 3S in Arizona in January of 2017. I live in Wisconsin. At the time I thought it could be a problem getting the Atom registered in Wisconsin. I was told by Forman Motorworks that they could put Arizona plates on it for me. I thought that was the safe way to go so Iíve had Arizona plates for 18 months. Those plates expired end of September. I applied for Wi. Title and plates over a month ago. I just received a letter from the state stating that I need to have an inspection done on the vehicle. Has anyone in Wisconsin been down this road? Does anyone have Wisconsin plates on their Atom?

    Thanks for any replies.

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    Any luck with this? Just moved to WI from GA. Currently using the questionably legal method of Montana registration.
    Thanks! Sorry nobody replied otherwise.

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