Finally got my first atom.
Its an 07 brammo ariel atom 2 and she is a beaut.

Ariel Atom 2 rotate.jpg

This being my first official post i had a few newbie questions for y'all.

First of, as i am the third owner, car has less than 1400 miles original. Second owner has had it 6 years or so, states unmolested in that time.
What safety things should i evaluate for in your experience. Im aware of the rod end issues, and the wheel bearing issues from reading here. im also aware of the reversed fan flow on the front mounted cooler. I have not checked into any of those yet as ive had the car a day or so and been busy.
What else am i missing that youd want me to know about. Plan is to do HPDE events only as currently not street legal in texas.

Second, Im on the taller side, 6'3" and have the individual seat option. The fit into the drivers cockpit is ok lengthwise, but the steering wheel is a bit on the lower end of height for my taste, and the gauges are essentially mostly blocked. Ive read a thread about switching to a bigger wheel/slightly raising steering rack etc, but all this i think could be solved by lowering the seat between 1-2 inches. Are these individual seats able to be mounted lower than stock? i hear the tub style seats sit lower and wider (which would also be more comfortable as well), are these available anywhere? aftermarket or otherwise?
Any other thoughts about aftermarket individual seats? has anyone else had this same issue and resolved it with a seat swap out?

Third, do any guys here have the atom on a lift in their garage at home? i have three car garage but 5 cars currently, so was thinking of a storage facility climate controlled for the atom and her trailer for now. looking at the manual the lift points are forward and back and might make traditional lifts impossible to work.

fourth, anyone have thoughts on trailers? id like a small one to tow, im not comfortable with big trailers. also is there a specific approach angle to be worried or max that anyone has figured out? my atom has the front wing.

Fifth, my mechanical skills are lacking, anyone know of a good shop used to working on atoms? i have discussed with a group called g speed at cresson motorsports ranch who state they service about 4 atoms for area owners currently. any other suggestions would be helpful.

Also why did my picture rotate to be sideways when uploading?
Any other helpful thoughts for a first time owner would be greatly appreciated.