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Thread: Headrests for Atom 3

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    Headrests for Atom 3

    I hated the space between my head and the back of the seat, especially when driving without a helmet. There's nowhere to rest your head when driving long distances, and the idea of being rear-ended with that much space behind my head and a hard seat cracking me in the back of the skull scared me. I was recently rear-ended while driving a van and it took a few weeks of chiropractor visits to fix it up.

    I built these removable headrests out of a thermoplastic called Kydex molded to the curvature of the seat, and then had an upholstery shop sew up the vinyl covers. They Velcro into place, so you can remove them if you prefer to drive without the headrest when wearing a helmet.

    I could make more for $180 per pair shipped with the Velcro backer ready to stick in place. I figure with enough volume I could get the upholstery guy to drop his price, but right now they're pricey to get sewn up.

    These were built with 2" foam, but 3" foam would be possible if you wanted a thicker headrest. Also, Joann Fabric has red vinyl as well, if you wanted, or I could even get a quote from the upholstery guy on leather.

    I'm 6'0" and my head rests just a hair off of the headrest when driving naturally, but does touch the headrest when wearing a helmet.
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    Nice work! Was thinking of doing something similar but looking at some seat options.
    Thanks for sharing!


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