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Thread: Help: Looking for Patch harness or female connector for Atom 2 ECU

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    Please let me know if your successful with a eco upgrade. Brammo locked all the ecus.
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    Quote Originally Posted by atomizer View Post
    Brammo locked all the ecus.
    Common misconception. Brammo had nothing to do with the IP in the ECUs, it was all GM Racing. However, both GM Racing (generally known) and Brammo (kept secret) were getting out of their respective businesses toward the end and weren't interested in being receptive to tuner support.

    The particular base map ("calibration number" in GM-speak) was not understood by most aftermarket tuning software, so they would report the PCM as "unknown" or "locked", when it actually meant that they just didn't know how to deal with that calibration number. Some of the less-well-known tuning packages would let you tune some parameters in the Brammo ECUs.

    Any GM dealership that was feeling adventurous could have downloaded the Atom calibration via their GM datalink and flashed it. I think Brammo took the "return for upgrade" ECUs to a local dealer for the upgrades and didn't do them in-house, but I'm not 100% sure on that.

    By definition, the mating ECU connectors do exist since the can be found on the ECU. But they are PCB-mount only and are special-order with a huge minimum order. It should be possible to take a scrap ECU and pry off the cover. You'd need to de-encapsulate the PCB but it should be possible to pull the connectors and re-use them - they are through-hole parts. It helps that a large number of the pins are unused on the Atom.
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