Clarification is needed regarding Ariel Atom 2 parts availability from TMI AutoTech.

We (TMI AutoTech) place an enormous amount of effort in making sure all Ariel customers are taken care of to the best of our abilities and have fulfilled many requests regarding the Brammo Built Atom 2 over the last ten years.
The frustration of not having parts readily available is understandable. However, we ask that Atom 2 owners understand this is one of the complications of having an 11+ year-old bespoke vehicle. Furthermore, the fact that the Atom 2 was manufactured by an entirely different company (Brammo) while using a different design/specification (to even a UK spec Atom 2), must also be taken into consideration as a very unique situation.
To clarify some misinformation:

  • Although similar in looks, the Atom 2 and Atom 3 are entirely different vehicles; due to this, few parts are directly interchangeable. There may be Atom 3 parts that can be modified to fit the Atom 2, but we will not have this information. We recommend asking advice from other Atom 2 owners or members of this forum for suggestions/help.
  • As stated, a Brammo built Ariel Atom 2 is a distinctly different vehicle than its UK made Atom 2 namesake, so it is not as simple as just calling to Ariel UK for parts. These vehicles are unique to themselves in addition to being very few in number. The last Brammo built Atom 2 was delivered in 2007. A license agreement was made in 2008 between TMI AutoTech and Ariel UK directly for the Ariel Atom 3 with no crossover to Brammo. With that said we did make a concerted effort in 2008 to purchase as many parts as possible for the Brammo built Atom 2 vehicles to be used going forward and have worked with customers as best possible to supply their needs. As with any niche market/small volume product, there will be parts and/or requirements that just cannot be met after a certain amount of time for factors out of anyone¬ís control.
  • We purchased manufacturing equipment from Brammo in 2007 but no IP. Due to the lack of IP, we have no engineering drawings, jigs, molds, etc. to manufacture parts for the Atom 2.

In conclusion, a tremendous amount of effort goes into the Ariel brand on a daily basis (regardless of where a vehicle originated). We will continue to do our best to help each customer even if that may result in the fact that no parts are available. We welcome any Atom owner to call us directly if they have questions about the brand as we're happy to relay the most accurate information.