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Thread: My Personal best laps in my Atom - SRA 64 at Willow Springs.

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    My Personal best laps in my Atom - SRA 64 at Willow Springs.

    These are my personal best laps at Willow Springs in my SRA Atom.

    I'm particular proud of the 1.26.4 at Big Willow - the car has a Max top speed of 123mph.

    The SRA is a Joy to drive. Most fun at the track of any car I've tried. Bulletproof too. I drive it hard!

    Big Willow 1.26.4

    Streets of Willow - 1.19.28

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    Hey Jeff, how long have you had the SRA? What did you drive on track before the Atom?

    I picked up new to me SRA this past weekend and am looking forward to getting it out on track at Watkins Glen in a few weeks. I've driven a C5 on track for years, loved seeing you chase the yellow one in the video.

    So how do you find the rear view mirrors - are they sufficient to see cars coming up your tail? I've noticed in a number of YouTube vids that some guys stick very small round convex mirrors to them, wonder if those help any.

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    Hey Jeff,

    Very cool seeing the car in action. Hope the wings are helping out!


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