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Thread: Ariel Atom for Track Days?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 06Arielatom View Post
    Isn't the windshield constructed from Lexan?
    The full windshield is glass.

    "...while tucked behind the laminated safety glass windscreen"
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    Aw, thank you for the clarification.
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    Which groups ask for fenders and which don't?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sector: 4 View Post
    OK, both links point to the same issue - the adjustment thimbles. Yes, this is serious design flaw, but I actually sell longer rod end bearings which fix this problem...
    They bolt right in. Easy fix. Problem solved.

    I think there's a much bigger problem with the Atom 3 suspension. It uses a rod end bearings loaded in BENDING as ball joints, lol. This is a MAJOR no-no and MUCH more difficult and costly to fix. Brammo had the good sense to use a proper ball joint instead, so the Atom 2 is superior in this regard.

    Yes, some Atom 2 parts are "hard to get". Sometimes you have to have parts specially fabricated, just like Brammo did, or substitute different parts.

    As for a full roll bar, Atom 2's came with one as an option, you know - just like the Atom 3 does. I took mine off.

    The page says N/A? Any place this is sourced?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ernie View Post
    Which groups ask for fenders and which don't?
    NCRC and Speed SF require fenders. TMR, Speed Ventures, HOD, and OnGrid do not. You may be able to run without fenders in NCRC and Speed SF events if you know the right people (I don't give bjs, so I bought fenders).

    You moved to an Ariel from an Elise right? Hope to see ya out there. I'm going to Thill on the 21st with HOD if you want to join.

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