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Thread: But which one should I buy?

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    But which one should I buy?

    I'm playing a game called "which Atom is the smartest buy?" The Atom 2's have held their value incredibly well. As far as I can tell most 2006-07 go for +/- $50k. I believe that's basically what they went for new, correct? I haven't been into the pricing of Atoms very long because I've just recently started playing with the fact that it appears my finances say I can afford one. If the Atom 2's haven't really gone down in value what does that mean for the 2017 $70k Atoms? What's the chance those won't depreciate much from $70k? So the real question is if you can afford a $55k 2006 Atom or a $70k 2017 Atom which is the smarter buy? Opinions please. I'm really interested in what you guys have for input.

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    My input is to buy a Honda powered Atom. There is no performance engine more robust than Honda's K or F series 4 cylinder engines. The rest doesn't really matter, I suppose the newer frames have some developments but I don't see a big difference over the years.


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