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Thread: Which Stage did I get?

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    Which Stage did I get?

    Hi there
    3 months ago I bought a 2009 Atom with GM Brammo Stage 2 Kit which is on build sheet for $5.500.
    On an U tube video in 2015 car was offered for sale CA legal with 300-330 HP.
    The Pulley is a press on steel pulley 76mm and dual pass intercooler.
    I love the idea of switching PCM for Racefuel and Nitrous , but can't figure out if I got that, or what it takes ?
    Help appreciated.

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    See additional info in this thread. I purchased the 300hp model and even though I paid for a dual pass intake end plate, I later (after Brammo was out of the Atom business) found out that it had not been installed. As the thread above mentions, heat is the hp limiter. Until you address that, your hp upgrades won't do much. I've worked on a number of upgrades to cooling which I've detailed in post #4 in this thread.
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