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Thread: New Member - Texas Hill Country- 2017 Atom 3R

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    New Member - Texas Hill Country- 2017 Atom 3R

    Interested in 3R owner experiences.

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    The car is absolutely amazing. Compared to my previous Atom (2014 k24 with ct supercharger, stock suspension), the 3r handles/drives like a different car. I never imagined the suspension would be this big of an improvement. The k20 feels just as strong as the k24, but is much more rev happy. I've always loved the high revving Honda motors, so I'm very satisfied with the k20. The motor feels VERY strong, I'd be willing to bet hp numbers on my car is very close to the sc k24 cars.

    Im im still learning the car, but let me know what other questions you have. I believe I'm the only owner who's actually taken delivery if a 3R, so you may not get many more responses.

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    Hey Dbwy- Any comparison to the 3s turbo? I'm considering either one. I hear it is similarly quick. Is the throttle response more immediate than the turbo? It's definitely higher revving. Thanks for any further info.!

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    I have a supercharged K20a Atom, and a new Atom 3 K24 Turbo. Surprisingly, at least to me, the turbo Atom has a LOT more midrange power from say, 3000 rpm on through 6000 or so, than the supercharged one. Of course the K24 is a lot bigger engine, and it has a very modern turbo, much better than the old days. But you do have to shift a lot sooner with the K24 turbo, say around 7200-7400, instead of 8000 or higher with the smaller K20.

    To me, the turbo is more fun on the street because of all the extra power down low and in the midrange, where I spend most of my time while street driving. You don't have to rev it up to get a lot of power/acceleration. You can really squirt away from a light or traffic without revving it up or even seeming like you are trying.

    On the track, the extra rpm of the K20 is fun, but it does not pull as hard in the corners when getting on the throttle- unless you run it in a lower gear than you do with the K24.
    Both are huge fun, each in its own way.


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