Just had my first track day in my Atom 3S after owning an Atom 2 for a few years. I ran the car "as delivered" from TMI, and honestly I forgot how much of a handful a stock atom is on street tires. It is absolutely faster than my 270rwhp Atom 2 without a doubt, but suffers from a lack of grip with the R888 tires.

I've ordered a set of A7s in stock sizes, but can anyone recommend an alignment and shock setup that would make the best of them?

For reference my fast lap of the day yesterday is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tg9LHcyDiyw

From this lap and my others it looks like the car has pretty nasty mid-corner oversteer, something I can fix with a bit of throttle and counter steering but I need to cure it if I'm going to feel good about pushing hard.

I have quite a few laps at this track, and have gone 5 seconds faster in a much heavier car (SCCA T1 prepped C5). I remember this behavior from my old atom on street tires as well, it isnt fun. Recommendations appreciated.