Hello all,

My name is Myron and I'm from Fresno CA. I've been a lurking member for a while only because I've been coveting an Atom for quite some time and I felt this forum was a great source of information and I wanted to learn about the Atom before posting.

I am now in the twilight of my career and will be retiring in September of this year. As such, I am no longer just lurking, I am actively looking for my Atom.

To be fair, the Atom isn't the only car on my very short list of must-have's cars. My other dream car is a Super 7. I am also searching for one of these babies as well. For what it's worth, I don't want this thread to become a this car is better than that car because I believe both cars are excellent choices for what I am looking for in a weekend/track/auto-x toy.

I'm really coveting the Atom with a normally aspirated K motor so I can put a Quaife sequential gear set, fire system and upgraded uprights/hubs right away. I'll drive and track it like that for a couple years then start working on aero and power upgrades.

If anyone has any leads, info on an Atom or for that matter a Super 7 that may meet my needs or is in the area and doesn't mind showing me their Atom, please post up.