Hi All,
I am new to this site. I am contemplating purchasing an Ariel Atom. I was hoping some of you who already own an Atom could help me and point me to the right direction based on the following criterial and questions.
1. I am not planning to use the car for racing;
2. I want to have a very fun and unique car to drive;
3. Given that I am not a hardcore race driver, I am not sure if it is work me spending the money to purchase a new car. I am thinking a well maintained second hand entry level Ariel Atom;
4. I live Virginia, so I can only use the car during dry and warm days;
5. What is the cost of maintaining such a car?
6. Given that the engine is a Honda engine, can I get the car services at a Honda dealership?
7. Given my criteria above, how much should I budget for a well maintained second hand entry level Ariel Atom?
Thank you in advance for your insight and guidance.