Hello Everyone. My name is Arash Behravesh and I live in Virginia. I decided to join this forum because I am thinking about purchasing an Ariel Atom. However, I really don't know much about them. I am hoping to get some recommendations and insight from the people who already own one.

Which model Ariel Atom would you recommend for me given the following factors and questions.
1. I am not looking into racing the car.
2. I am looking to have a very fun to drive car.
3. Considering that I am not a die-hart racer, I am not sure if I want to put up the cash for a new Ariel Atom. How much do you think I should budget for a well maintained second hand entry level Ariel Atom?
4. Are these cars street legal or will I get stopped every time I get into this car, for not being street legal.
5. Can I even get insurance on such a vehicle?
6. How much per year does it cost to maintain this car?
7. Considering that it has a Honda engine, can I take it to a Honda dealership for maintenance?

Does anyone has a well maintained entry level ariel atom for sale, and what is your asking price for it?

Thank you in advance for answering my questions and providing me with your insight.