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Thread: New TMI web site doesn't show SRA

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    Someone ran a Corvette using suction in the Ultimate Track Car Challenge several years ago and pretty much destroyed the entire field.

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    That must have been a sight! I suppose they can be made quite well today given the wide array of computation we can use to feed it sensor information and for computation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jesse@tmi View Post
    SRA is not done, we are simply creating a website specifically for it to keep confusion to a min between it and the Atom 3 (market is not grasping the concept of a track only car). Check out the link below and sign up for updates:

    We have a few SRA's available ranging from new (for immediate delivery) to 1/2 built units for shorter build times, contact me with any questions:
    The link to still says "Coming Soon." Jesse, is there any update to the continued existence of the SRA? And is there any truth to the rumor I heard a while back of truly effective aero being developed for the Atom?

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