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Thread: K20/K24 build (with dyno chart)

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    I purchased the FlashPro through TMI and had my 2013 SRA tuned. I went from 195.5hp to 223hp at the wheels on a Dynopack similar to the one used by Church. There is no longer the hard rev limiter. Now when I hit the rev limiter it is soft and smooth. I just had the car out on the Thunderbolt circuit at NJMP and had a blast. The one thing that I found strange is that the car didn't feel as quick as it did before the tune. My tuner, who is one of the best Honda tuners on the East Coast, thought that the RAM air intake from Ariel might actually work better than a cone filter. I might put together an external CAI and take it back for another Dyno run to see which works better. In the future I might like to do some of the things Richard has done to his engine and then add some aero. BTW, great write up and info Richard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard Buckingham View Post
    most guys put larger tires on the rear and have no problems, it depends on lots of factors of course but when I looked at my data logger I could see oil pressure dropping into the single digits on one corner at Buttonwillow and I knew that if I added more downforce I just added to the risk so I went with dry sump for that reason.

    The VTEC on the car is the full K20 VTEC on intake and exhaust compared to the K24 which is intake side only.
    Finally drove on Buttonwillow for the first time. That Riverside turn is wild. The car was pulling between 1.2 and 1.3 Gs for well over 5 seconds. I tried to monitor the oil pressure with Torque and Race Chrono but neither could do it. Next time I'll try to tap into the Hondata unit for logging or just keep my eyes peeled on the screen. This was on 200/245 section slicks R35 fronts R25B rears. The SRA was fairly effective in that turn without aero, entering 97 and maintaining at least 92mph. I could hang with a few aero cars in Red group with Speed Ventures. Nothing like your track record though!
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