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    New on Board

    Greeting from the Pacific NW!
    Don't currently own an AA, but I've got the bug.
    Look forward to the community interaction.

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    Hey, Doug, Welcome to the forum. I've been street driving and racing Ariel Atoms for ten years now, and having a blast. LOTSA gee for not a lot of money.

    I've been a dealer for Ariels for several years now, and currently have two new Turbo Atoms with street equipment in stock, and one new SRA(SpecRaceAtom) race or track day only, not street legal, in stock. All three ready to go with no waiting for one to be built. You can see them on my website, and also see them on TMI's website

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


    Eddie FourFather Hill (google "Eddie FourFather Hill" for my credentials)

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