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Thread: Rear wing options

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    Rear wing options

    I know there is a lot of discussion on this forum about rear wings and I just wanted to show mine off. I know, I know it probably is way too small to be effective but I do not track the car so it was designed for looks only.
    It surely gets a lot of attention at the car shows and fits the Atom, scale wise, pretty good. It is mostly carbon, the wings are extruded aluminum and yes it was a bitch to make. The end plates are a sandwich construction of Dynacell foam and five layers of carbon on each side. It is all surprisingly strong.
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    I like it! The center section does look a little small to the rest of the car but it looks great!

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    German beast with +500HP & sequential gearbox now upgraded with F1 wings!!!
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    who made the mounts for that? it would clear my atom setup with the rear intercooler since I cannot currently use any of the existing rear wing mounts

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