These videos have been posted before, but they might be of interest to the newer guys-

Here is video of me in my 300 HP 2012 Atom, and with the sun shining in the cockpit, you can see my foot work shifting, both up and down, and also doing some left foot braking. I'm 80 years old, and a slow learner, but I think the Atoms make it about as easy to learn road racing as it can be.

Even if you get into a corner too hot, the ultra light weight of the car, coupled with a lot of tire contact patch for the weight involved, makes recovery the easiest, by far, of anything I've tried. A slide is nowhere near as dramatic and unrecoverable as it is with cars weighing two or three TIMES as much as an Ariel.

If you are slightly above racing speed in a corner and the car is going a bit wide of your intended line, a gentle touch with the left foot on the brake pedal brings the car right back on line without swapping feet or even having to change throttle setting or steering wheel angle. You may be able to see that in action in one of the videos.

This is me running my street able, two-seat, 2012 Ariel Atom 3 300HP demonstrator/company car, against single-seat race cars. At Hallett Motor Raceway, near Tulsa, Oklahoma.

And at Eagles Canyon Raceway, near Decatur, Texas.

And here I get the holeshot at the start of the Open Wheel final at Hallett, recently.

Thanks for looking-

Eddie FourFather Hill